"Anniversary Bliss"

Glen's Mom & Dad are having their 60th. At that point, are we blissful or merely in a stupor? "A good marriage is like a good wine...it just gets better with age."

"Bahama Mamas"

My buddy, Carol and I threw caution to the wind and took a group flight to the Bahamas a number of years back. Even after snorkeling and staring a baracuda straight in the puss, we decided that it was a trip well worth taking. The locals were fun and friendly and the rum runners kept you glowing all day.... which reminds me.... Don't forget your sunscreen.

"Bestest Friends"

There's always that one person that doesn't care if you're grumpy or out of sorts. She doesn't care if you remembered to brush your teeth this morning or bothered to run a comb through your hair. You can be goofy and pop the cork at eight in the morning or sit quietly over a cup of coffee. She'll keep your secrets discrete, hug you when you most need it or keep her distance if you want to be left alone. She doesn't care if you didn't pick up the house or even if you forgot her birthday present again. She loves you anyway because she's your bestest friend.

"Cat Nap"

My dad used to complain that he often just couldn't keep his eyes open during the day and dozed off frequently. He couldn't imagine why he didn't sleep well at night, though.

"Charlie's Best Joke"

Many a warm summer day has been spent over a backyard fence while pulling weeds and planting. Sometimes you have to get to the other side of the fence to share in the really good stuff or to just take a break and hope for a cool breeze.

"Garden Party"

Backyard parties are always best in summer shade with old friends. We had some doozies in Alloway, New Jersey and Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Always invite the neighbors.... then if they don't come, they can't complain if you get too noisy.

"Goodnight Kiss"

There is nothing like the deep rich warmth of good wine to ease the pain caused by the sudden knowledge that you are his second favorite.

"Harry's Lodge Meeting"

My folks both were active in the American Legion. Dad was a Post Commander and my mother was an Auxiliary President. Dad also did time as a Quartermaster in the VFW. As a kid, I remember men smelling of Old Spice and women smelling of White Shoulders all sharing the same jokes and clinking glasses. I always wanted to be a grown up so I could share in the good times. Maybe that’s why those two scents are still my favorites.

"It's Tuesday - Let's Dance"

Women have long been known to be good at multi-tasking while most men place more concentration on one thing at a time in order to do a thorough job. I guess that makes us jacks of all trades, but it could be about survival. Men may be able to shoot a charging bear from 100 yards and survive, but we’ll feed it pie, scratch it’s ears and have it dancing for more.

"Suzi's Sleepover"

Slumber parties were big when I was a pre-teen and the distant roar of "You girls keep quiet or we're gonna' separate you!!" would frequently echo down the hall. Usually it meant another burst of giggles. It's amazing how when you reunite with the same old buddy from school, you can truly see that you haven't yet grown up and don't plan to either. Showing off just doesn't seem to be necessary with really close old chums. It seems like two weeks went by instead of two centuries and you can still get the giggles. It's your bladder that just doesn't cooperate as well.

"Miriam's Tea Party"

Many times I have gone to a friend's home to get a specific task done and many times it has turned into 'drunken decorating.' "Wine becomes much richer when consumed with friends. So too with humans. We are so much richer when we share of ourselves."

"My Jewels"

Often we are overzealous and overprotective about those we love. Often the attention isn't always welcomed and sometimes breeds embarrassment. My mother used to clean off my face with spit on her finger. "A loaf of bread, a glass of wine and thou…"

"The Nanny"

There is nothing like a kitten to bring out the maternal instinct. They're so irresistible, these sweet, cute, silky things that purr like a Nascar and have those tiny little needles on their feet.

"Party Pooper"

There is inevitably someone at every get together that expects to be entertained. If 'said individual' is not placed as center of attraction automatically and doted upon, 'said individual' states that the party was a "dud." Parties are what you make them. Simply go in with a great attitude, comfortable shoes, some sort of contribution. Leave your doldrums back home in the dumpster.

"Pea Soup and Cabernet"

If life takes your teeth, there is always soup. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna chase it down with a glass of milk of magnesia.

"The Power of Chocolate"

"Carpe Vino"
Ah, good red wine and a chocolate truffle ... works for me.

"Slot Machine Queen"

Being taken by the folks to Vegas when you preferred Disneyland was a drag at eleven. You had to stand beyond those fat velvet ropes unlawfully able to join in on the big business that went on in the brightly lit casinos. My brother and I were outcasts in the land of the risk takers and were left to doodle and read the comics.

"Southern Rose"

While living in North Carolina, I happened upon an old woman resembling an ad for Pepto Bismol. It was as if she were an ancient debutante. I'm sure you can imagine the voice that went with that fashion statement.


My lovely lady, sweet nymphet, your smile lights up my day.
Your lilting laugh and twinkling eyes will lead my mind astray.
Our Golden Years so spirited, our joy so full and fun
We pirouette and rise to meet the morningís rising sun
Water sprite in playful splash, your charm and lure convey
Your beauty, soft and seasoned as a summer-swathed Monet
The warmth you give, your gentle touch that melts my grateful heart
Iíve always known that you and I should never be apart
You pivot, pliť, arabesque, a sun dance in ballet
A love of life, a love for me that I can níer betray
Come sit, my Love and watch the dawn descend into the West
Itís time for linimentís soothing rub so little feet can rest.

"Trudy & Grace Play Dress-up!"

After trying all those well-meaning suggestions that my mother and grandmother heaped on me day after day, I found out for myself that all the spit and polish in the world doesn't endear you to your pals or get you a romantic interest. Being comfortable with yourself draws far more relationships than trying to be someone you're not. Live a little, kick up your heels, get stupid occasionally and if you trip and folks are watching, take a little bow.

"The Truth About Edna"

It has always been considered 'gospel' that women were legendary custodians of gossip and men showed little interest in other folks' business. After working for 25 years in a predominately male occupation, I have found the opposite to be just as true.

"Two Old Toms"

"By their fruits you shall know them...good men and grapes." …And though they have seen better days, they have learned from them and mellowed.

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